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From basic content management to advanced CMS features, LightCMS
provides a complete web CMS system that’s amazingly easy to use.


Benefits of Content Management System

Low Cost

Get your website made in your budget

Easy to Manage

Make content & graphic changes with ease

Time savings

Advanced features to save time & effort

SEO friendly

Dominate search engines & sell more everyday

Zero dependency

No need to depend on developers for site changes

Complete control

Make changes anytime, anywhere on your own

The Dextrous Group, a digital marketing service provider in Noida (India), has the answer: The Dextrous Content Management System - Dextrous CMS. Our CMS is a market leading tool for business website owners just like you! Avoid wasting time trying to do it yourself when you can easily manage your web content with our easy-to-use CMS. Your time is precious, and we understand that; it’s the very reason we offer this amazing product!

We have imbued our CMS with digital innovation to ensure that you have the drop on your competitors. When people visit your site, they can enter a clean, updated and organised online store that gets conversion rates. We have made sure that business owners like you have a hassle-free experience using our CMS; it’s designed to be user friendly.

If you want to live and breathe success with your website, our CMS is the option to make it happen. Give us a call on +91-120-4269925 / +91-120-4311393.

Dextrous CMS

A Powerful Web Platform: the next generation of business software.

Dextrous CMS is a powerful web platform that drives our modular suite of fully integrated web-based business components. It allows you to add, update and delete any and all content from your website instantly from anywhere in the world. No more waiting on third parties to respond to your requests. Dextrous CMS helps even regular individuals manage content on their websites simply, quickly and intuitively.

Have a look at some of the features that make our CMS a popular choice.

The modern architecture of the Dextrous CMS platfom enables businesses to keep pace with innovation on the web.

Check out some of the Dextrous content management system's key features below or give us a call on (+91) 120-4311393 to find out how these features can help your website to grow.

Easy Administation

The CMS provides all the day-to-day editing control you're likely to need as a content author. With a simple user interface and drag and drop functions, you have full control over the way you want your content to look without needing to know HTML:

Page Manager

Easily create new or update existing pages, add great content and compelling interactive and social functions. Apply the key search phrases so that your pages stand the best chance of being ranked highly in the search engines.

Site Search

Have full confidence in a CMS system which maintains a database of relevant search text that is updated as content is added, changed or deleted.

With a range of optimisation features as standard, the Intergage CMS excels in natural search engine promotion:

Optimise Pages

Edit meta-titles, meta descriptions, page names and add relevant keywords to each page.

Google Site Maps

Edit which pages can be viewed and indexed by Google and set the importance of each page to indicate to Google how often it should be indexed.

Google Analytics

Easily add Google analytics tracking code to track form submissions, external links and downloads.

Social Features

The social world is growing fast; not taking advantage of these social tools can mean you won’t communicate with your entire audience:

Social Bookmarking

Provide users with the ability to bookmark your content by adding social media buttons to your site.

RSS Feed

Generate RSS feeds for display on other sites. Can be used to generate feeds for products, downloads, events, job vacancies or articles contained within the Intergage CMS.

Email a Friend

Allow visitors to share your content by sending an article or page item to a friend.

Editable Facebook Pages

Edit Facebook application pages and manage these directly from your Intergage CMS.


Create interactive discussion forums and allow users to create posts on forums.


Our Ecommerce platform provides the flexibility and features for online business growth:

Import and Product Management

Add, manage and schedule the appearance of multiple products.

Stock Control

Provides you with options to allow hiding out-of-stock products and to allow over-ordering.

Online Checkout

Built in customisable checkout page and shopping basket.

Payment Options

The Intergage CMS supports five OCC providers.

Subscription Products

Allows products to be bought on a subscription basis.

Purchasable Downloads

Allows the purchase of a product that provides access to an electronic download.

Email Marketing

Send out email campaigns in any format, plain or rich text, with direct links back to your website:

HTML Email Feature

Send easy to create, multiple emails out to selected groups of customers or prospects.

User Permissions

Visitor User Groups

Define any number of user groups, each configured to a different range of ‘permissions’ to view restricted content.

Site Users Permissions

Apply permissions to site administrators so they can edit and publish content only to selected areas of your website.

Event Management

Publicise and manage events with the events system:

Event Listing

List upcoming events in a list format or calendar format for visitors to browse.

Event Import

Import multiple events from a database or spreadsheet.

Charity Donations

Our charity features allow you to promote your fundraising activities, process your donations and ensure ease of reporting without taking any commission from your donations:

Standalone Donation Functionality

Can be built into any page on your website - maximising every opportunity to generate income.

Online Event Sponsorship

Built within your website, this feature supports sponsored event pages and donations.

Personalised or Targeted Fundraising Page Creation

Provides long term funds, funded by standalone donations and from sponsored events.

Gift Aid

Gift Aid reporting and export.

Checkout Donations

Allows visitors to donate during checkout process.

Vacancy Tool

Use the vacancy feature to display job vacancies on your website - you don’t just have to be a recruitment company to use this feature. It’s great for companies looking to recruit on a regular basis:

Vacancy Tool

Post, manage and advertise vacancies. Allow visitors to apply and upload CVs for specific roles.

Broadbean Integration

Integration with Broadbean for agencies and other ‘agency’ features.

Multimedia Features

Use the vacancy feature to display job vacancies on your website - you don’t just have to be a recruitment company to use this feature. It’s great for companies looking to recruit on a regular basis:

Image Galleries

Create image galleries - inline or popup - in any rich text area. Complete with non-JavaScript and printer-friendly versions.

Video Management

Upload and play your videos straight from the Intergage CMS.

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