Top 5 UI UX Design Elements to Consider for Building the Best App

The core function of UI and UX design is to create a product for helping businesses or entrepreneurs to promote their business and attract more customers. UX design focuses on improving the user-friendliness of the product or service and increasing user satisfaction. If you are based near Delhi NCR, you can select a reputed ui design company in noida for creating a unique design that is useful, attractive, and enhance customer experience.

Here are some elementary design elements:

Goal-Oriented Design

The primary focus of every UI design should be about bringing benefits to the target audience. The beauty or creativity of the designer comes secondary. Creativity is necessary to align the UI aesthetics to the purpose or the business goal. The ultimate user of the design solution would be the end-users. Trying to see things from their perspective brings out a design that generates a positive customer experience.


Every UI or UX design should be created keeping in mind the user journey. Simplifying the user journey results in a pleasant user experience. A simplified design that acknowledges customer needs and behavior and accommodates them saves the user’s time. Linear interface design for easy execution of actions at every point and presenting the content or relevant information as per the user’s context is the best approach to achieve a desired level of usability.

Negative Space and Color

Research reports have shown that adding more space to a UI design makes the user interface more precise and captures user attention effortlessly. The pages with more negative spaces are easier to perceive as they prevent overcrowding. Selecting the most suitable color scheme is also necessary for the UI design. A/B testing can also show how different color pallets would affect product perception.

Proper Content

Content plays a significant role in making an application or a website appealing to users. All relevant content should be portioned and, its placement should help users find it easily. Therefore, UX designers must organize and put all relevant content in a way that is readily available to the users. Many ux design companies in noida, for instance, Dextrous, ensure that the designers use effective visual signals to direct the focus of the user to the main interactive features.

Biometric Verification

In addition to the essential elements of UX design, including biometric authentication technology can also enhance the customer experience. This shift from the traditional verification method would simplify the user authentication process and save the user from remembering various passwords for different mobile apps and websites. Introducing this latest-gen tech in the app would sure give your business the edge over the competition.

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Top 5 Things to Consider While Selecting an iOS App Development Company

The widespread use of iPhones has increased the necessity of iOS apps. Businesses owners need apps to keep up with the changing customer behavior. As a business owner or an entrepreneur, you must consider getting an iOS app for your business. While iOS app development requires time, money, and expertise, an effortless way is to opt for an iOS app development company.

Here are the important points to consider –


Technical Knowledge

Expert technical knowledge and relevant experience of the development team are important deciding factors to check while selecting an app development company. It is necessary to make sure that the developing team knows about all the details of ios technology like Objective C, Cocoa framework, frameworks like Swift, XCode, and other development tools necessary to make your app idea a reality. A dedicated team passionate about their work can produce far better results than expected.

Specialized Team for iOS Development

iOS app development usually costs more than Android. Similarly, when selecting an iOS app development company in Noida, make sure they have a dedicated team for iOS development. A dedicated team would ensure a smooth handling process. Prior discussion with the team members or checking the portfolio of previous works helps understand the type of work done. An overall idea about the team ensures the quality of the project and its timely delivery.

Agile Development Process

Agile methodology is one of the best processes for app development. All the parties involved are updated constantly on the progress. The team can accommodate any changes during the entire developmental process. The agile methodology helps to improve product quality. The daily scrums would ensure that all the teams have a complete overview and interaction throughout the process. Proper communication maintained via agile methodology gives the desired result.

Cost Clarity

While selecting an iOS app development company, it is necessary to discuss the costs involved. Check all the details before signing the final contract. Various app development companies like Dextrous offer cost calculations to give a reliably estimated budget. However, cost should not be the only deciding factor. Selecting a low-cost option without considering any other parameter can give rise to issues later. Compromise in cost can adversely affect the quality of the product that fails to meet the business needs.

Confidentiality Agreement

Entrepreneurs must keep in mind about the confidentiality agreement while selecting an iPhone app development company in Noida. The Non-Disclosure Agreement protects unique business ideas and also provides documentation for the project. The documents include agreement details along with the cost of the project. Proper documentation also helps if any changes are necessary at the later developmental stage.

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Looking for an App Development company? Dextrous is your final destination

Are you building a new iOS app and need help?  Are you still looking for an expert who can turn your dream into reality? Is the fee for developing an iOS App bugging you and going out of your budget?   Then we are here for you, iOS application development is a very challenging task to do and it requires a lot of precision. What is iOS app development? It is the procedure to make mobile applications for Apple hardware like for iPhone, iPad, and iPod. The software is usually written in the objective-c language and then placed in the Apple store for users to install.

So, are you ready for iOS app development? Dextrous offers a hands-on tutorial for building an iOS application especially to beginners with performance monitoring, let’s begin with the tutorial.

Meet the requirements of the developer

Before you start writing your code, you need three things that are extremely important in the app development process they have mentioned below

  • An Apple Mac computer which has the latest version of Mac OS
  • XCode
  • Active Apple developer account

All these three requirements play a very crucial role in application development as all of them work as an alliance.

Select an iOS programming language

There are 2 basic programming languages that are used in iOS application development which are mentioned below

  • Objective-C – This programming language is derived from the C language which was developed in the 1980s.
  • Swift – This programming language is termed the new official language for iOS application development. It is preferred over objective-c as it is more precise, secure, and faster.

Tap into APIs and libraries

The use of APIs and library kits can flawlessly integrate your app into Apple’s existing infrastructure.

Expand into the cloud

Connecting your iOS application with cloud-based services through APIs will allow you to use it for storage, database management, and app caching. 

Publish your app to the App Store

Once you are done with testing and development, you will need to place your application in the App Store. Patience is the key in the procedure as a review can take some time.

Our company Dextrous Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading application development companies in present India which will guide you in every step of the app development. We provide personalized, rapid, and reliable customer support and try our best to satisfy our customers. Our site also has one of the highest average rankings in usability, retention, and support. The team of expert developers is always available to provide you the best of the services and help in creating your desired app as per your requirement. Instead of the highly experienced and skilled developers, the charges are very nominal as compared to the market. In this era wherein billions of people are using smartphones, reaching them and including them in the customer base is a very tedious task. However, these mobile apps can pave your way towards success.

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Do you have an app on your mind? Let us make it real with Dextrous

Gone are the days when people used to rely on the computers and internet to get to a particular website. Nowadays, the entire internet is captured in their hands. To make things easier and readily available, almost all the companies have launched their websites. Hence, instead of sitting in front of a desktop/laptop and surfing the internet, just lean back and use the app. If you want to shop online or google something, everything is there in the app store.

But how does this software reach there and who creates them?

For creating this software, we have app developers in the market. You can find freelance developers, or you can go for the app development companies also. There are various companies that deliver you app development services. If you have an idea and you want that to be transformed into a reality, app developing companies are going to do that for you. These companies develop the applications as per your requirement and then you can get it launched on the store. For Apple phones, we have an app store and for Android phones, we get the Google play store. You can choose the platform as per your choice and necessity and these app developing companies can help you in forming the app.

Why are these important?

With the advancement of technology when everybody is more interested in getting things handy. These app developers have made our lives way easier by improving the browsing experience. As per studies, more than 6 billion mobile devices are used by almost 70% of the world population. To cover all this user base, a mobile app development company is really required to be hired as it is specialized in what it does.

What are Android Apps?

One of the most famous and widely used operating systems is Android and the software designed to work for this kind of Android device is known as the Android app. This is also known as APK file aka Android package. These apps can be written in Java and C++. For creating these types of apps, an expert in Android is required who can provide you, his expertise. His job is not only to develop the required software; but also, to maintain the security and privacy of the user data. In case, there is any breach in security and privacy, it can lead to a loss of thousands of bucks, and we can lose our customer base as well. Hence, hiring a good and reliable company is very important for your business growth.

Why us?

Therefore, if you have any idea and you want to get an Android app created based on it, your search ends here. We as Dextrous Infosolutions offer you the best of the services. We have a team of expert app developers who are specialized in creating Android software. The team works according to the client’s requirement and believes in delivering the work before the deadline.

The apps created by us are not only user-friendly but also technically error-proof. The app developers working for Dextrous are highly educated, experienced, and well versed in their field. These experts have been doing a phenomenal job and provide end to end resolutions to your problems as well. The team is always on their toes when it comes to providing support even after the app has been created. We can really be very useful for you regarding your business growth. Contact us and we will be there to provide you the best of the app development services that too at a very nominal charge. What are you waiting for? Your dream of creating software is just one call away.

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Useful Guidelines to hire a Logo Design Expert from a Professional Logo Design Company

No one notices a company without noticing the logo. A logo is an identity for a company that attracts people. A good logo should be eye-catching, memorable and should represent the brand value. It should remind the people about the company. And a logo designer should be creative enough in order to leave an impression on the people with the help of the logo created.

Why is logo designing necessary?

Many of you must have come across this question, usually, a logo should be designed to build an organization’s brand identity. A good logo must be capable of building a positive, strong, and long-lasting impression on prospective customers. Creating such a logo is very challenging, as a good logo design requires the inventive and technical prowess of a professionally trained graphic designer. The logo of the company should be custom designed by a professional who has an idea about your business.

A logo is known as a person’s gut feeling about the product, service, and organization. Hence, it becomes really essential to hire a great logo designing company that can design an impression leaving logo for the company. People spend a lot of money in order to hire a  logo designing company and to get the desired logo. However, there are some guidelines that are required to be taken into consideration before hiring an expert logo designer:

  1. There are various logo designing companies over the web, choosing one is a difficult job to do. However, you can go for dextrousinfo which is leading in the market as one of the best logo designing companies.
  2. We should hire a company that has maximum recommendations and reviews. Dextrousinfo has already got a rating of 4.2 stars on internet reviews which gives proof of being a great logo designing company.
  3. When you are hiring an expert logo designer it is necessary to check his/her professional credentials, this will give us an outlook of expertise the individual has.
  4. A good designer must be well versed with the latest software, technology, editing skills, and other programs which are used in logo design.
  5. He should also be familiar with dissemination techniques, communication, and mass production.
  6. If a designer has knowledge about processors, chips, circuit boards, electronic equipment, software including application and programming then this designer is most likely to get selected.
  7. A logo designer who has varied mediums to achieve artistic effects is very creative and preferred. Designers should be good listeners, they should design the logo as per the needs and requirements of the clients. The above-mentioned logo designing company has a team of expert logo designers.
  8. Individuals always look for cost-effective graphic designers, money charged by the designer is directly professional to his/her experience and past work and you can go for Dextrousinfo wherein the best of the logo designing packages are provided

Since your logo is one of the most important marketing tools nowadays, ensure that only a qualified logo designer should design a logo for you so as to effectively communicate with the people. As said earlier, a logo is going to be an identity for the company. Hence, make sure not to get this work done in a hurry. Explain to the designer your company motto and the intentions of the company and let him do his work religiously. This is the reason why even the most top-notch companies are very particular about the logo. Thinking to make your company a big brand, start with getting a great logo designed from our team of professionals who are enriched with a great experience of designing logos for high-profile companies. We are situated in Noida, however, we have provided our services across the world. We have a professional team of graphic designers which is led by project directors. Hence we can say that we are one of the best logo designing companies in Noida.

Packages of logo designing in Noida:

There are different packages available for different kinds of logo designing. You can choose as per your budget and the rest is up to us. We will provide you the identity of your company which is going to be with you as a visual mark.

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IOS application development

IOS commonly known as iPhone operating system is a mobile operating system created by Apple Inc. It is the second-most installed mobile operating system in the world, after Android. In an IOS, a developer is required to make it function. It is a very crucial and significant part of the system. An iOS developer is accountable for emerging applications for mobile devices exclusively designed for Apple’s iOS operating system.

What is IOS application development?

IOS application development is the procedure of making mobile applications for Apple hardware, including iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. The software is written in the Objective-C or Swift programming language and then placed in the App Store for users to download. Before diving into app development it is important for us to know the basic requirements to build iOS applications.

Mac system– A Mac system with an Intel processor is a must so as to work with the current version of Xcode.

Application developer account– Registering for an Apple Application Developer account is absolutely free and is necessary for application development. Once the registration is done we will get access to download Xcode and iOS SDK.

Installation of Xcode– Xcode is the only tool we need initially to develop iOS applications.

iOS development tools– Being iOS app developers it is necessary for you all to know about free app development tools and their platforms. Mentioned below are some of the best iOS development tools.

●        GitHub

●        Bitbucket

●        Stackoverflow

Understanding design and development guidelines

Overview of App Store Review Guidelines- 

●        Safety: User safety is one of the most important factors as Apple has a very strict privacy policy.

●     Performance– Uploading the complete version of the application is very important, Apple expects seamless performance from the app you publish.

●       Design– Users love to use apps that are built with innovative and clean design so this factor plays a crucial role.

Avoid Common App Rejections: Crashes, bugs, placeholder content, broken Links all these issues will definitely put your app on the reject list.

Design Guidelines of Apple– iOS demands consistency in its application, the app should contain basic UI design elements.

Steps involved in app development

Step1) the First step involves downloading Xcode.

Step2) Open the Xcode and set up the project as per your requirements.

Step3) writing the code, the programming should always be done in the ViewController.swift file.

Step4) Connecting the UI to the Storyboard.

Step5) The application is ready to run

There are various things to learn about iOS development, it’s important to take things to step by step so as to minimize errors. You can get the IOS developers in different parts of the country. However, the IOS app development company in Noida offers you the best of services. The team of our expert developers believes in innovation and can help in developing the applications for iPad, iPhone, and iWatch. The apps are created with a framework that is flexible enough to add new features as and whenever required. Our professionals create the most reliable apps that can help businesses to overcome the issues and provide the best services to the customers. This is what makes us the best among market leaders as a chief iPhone App Development Company in Gurugram or in other parts of the Delhi/NCR.

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Benefits of Working From Home during Covid

Pandemic has brought many changes to our lives. One of the major changes is to bring the office inside our homes. Children have done 1 whole academic year staying at home. How can employees and companies use it to their advantage?

So, what is new?

Before the pandemic set in, we all have brought work home. After the office hours, on the weekends and also on vacations we have put in few hours to the jobs. So, what is this new work from home culture?

With Covid spreading and causing havoc in the lives of people, most of the governments around the world announced lockdowns. Some like the doctors were on the ground fighting the war, some like the IT department, and people from banking were fighting their own unique war. Making sure that economic downfall can be avoided.  So even those people who had decades of experience of working in a set environment had to change ways of working. Some companies had not invested in their online side of the business. A website designing company in Delhi has been working to keep the businesses running. Some benefits of work from home are:-

  • Learning new skills: – Employees have the time and resources to learn new skills. They can upgrade their professional or soft skills. This is definitely productive for the company.
  • Lesser mental stress: – Since the schools and offices have adopted work-from-home culture, all the family members are together. This relieves off the stress of being infected and in turn affecting family members.
  • The flexibility of working: – Work from home provides the flexibility of timing. Each member of the team can work according to their work style. Companies can now hire talents from different parts of the country without having to worry about relocation time.
  • Stay connected: – With high-speed internet, it is possible to have meetings with employees and clients online. Web designing companies are making sure that the websites are self-sufficient. That is data transfer, meetings, workflow charts are all handled smoothly and with one click.
  • Internet is full of opportunities: – Web designing company in Delhi is proving that not only can the businesses run fully online, but also grow. Such companies are making it possible for people to work remotely.
  • More time for loved ones: – Forced to stay at home and official tours canceled, people are finally able to spend more time with their loved ones. Web designing companies have made it to do shopping from home a breezy affair.


According to many surveys conducted, many employees and employers felt that work from home choice should be given even after the pandemic are over. This saves cost on rental and operating costs. With more and more retailers expanding their horizons on the internet, it is time to take look at web designing as an essential part of the investment. The saved time and money spent on the commute is definitely an added bonus.

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Industry That Can Survive Lockdown

This pandemic is claiming more lives and livelihood in recent times than any other event in history. Governments all over the world are trying to help the poor. Businesses are reinventing ways to keep afloat.

Can we survive more time indoors?

As people will be forced to spend more time indoors applications and website-based stores are innovating and improving their services. People have become used to attending meetings on Zoom and fitness classes on their phone apps. Travel and tourism are one of the worst-hit industries. But there are certain sectors which are not only surviving but also creating jobs. We look at some of them

  • Food and beverages: – Delivery of food is reserved as an essential sector. And when all other shops in the malls are closed, supermarkets are allowed to operate. With going out and having meals coming to halt, people are spending more time in the kitchen. Moving beyond the basic dal, roti people are trying their hands in different types of food. Demand for organic ingredients has also increased. With most of the supermarkets allowing customers to order from their apps, this is one industry that needs a good website design company.
  • Banking: – Banking and other Financial Institutions are working round the clock to keep the economy floating. They have introduced new methods to help the customer not only in the urban but also in rural areas. Our Web designing company in Noida is one such company which offers one-stop solution to the growing needs.
  • IT: – Though many Information Technology allowing its employees to work from home for a very long time, the pandemic made it compulsory for all to be a stay at home and work. By providing better network security and faster internet the IT departments of all the organizations are coordinating the operations from home.
  • Online education: – No one would have thought that children could be connected and taught from the home setup. Web designing company in Noida has allowed schools to function smoothly. For more than a year now children have been taught and tested on their skills through online mediums.
  • Entertainment: – After all the work people need to be entertained. Apart from Youtube, Netflix, and Amazon Prime many new OTT platforms have been providing original content. Some region-specific entertainment online streams are also gaining popularity.


With no gadgets equipped with Wi-Fi, to having watches connected to Wi-Fi, changes have been all along. Some industries will change and adapt to the needs of customers and situations. Those companies which can bring in the change will definitely need a good website designing company to take their ideas forward.

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Backlinks are the backbone of search engines. How?

With Google, backlinks play a pivotal role in the SEO and ranking of the website. It is difficult to get the backlinks but websites with strong backlinks enjoy a great level of Google trust which leads to higher rankings.

What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are linking a webpage to any other page. It is one of the vital factors in website ranking and popularity. The huge number of backlinks means a huge no. of the website’s relevance in a search query. Link-building is a core SEO strategy for all online businesses and to carry on with the required needs, SEO Company in Noida is working on these building blocks to make a well-optimized website for the businesses.

Why backlinks are important?

So let us dig deeper into that and understand the importance of backlinks for the website’s ranking.

a) Backlinks help to build a website’s reputation with Google

Backlinks are considered a reputation management tool by Google. Google’s algorithm is written to point the searches to the best possible results and not to the website. So backlinks are of utmost importance to give the credit to the popular website.

b) Helps brings Traffic to the Website

Good backlinks help in bringing traffic to the website and considered as reliable and trustworthy by users in offering valuable information.

c) Helps to add Credibility to the Website

Backlinks help in adding credibility and reliability to the website, but it is also important to get it by credible and reliable means as unauthentic sources will not be of any relevance and could lead to face the worst consequences. Hence, implementing the backlinks from reliable and quality sites helps in bringing high-quality traffic to the website.


Backlinks help in the growth and sustainability of a website. Websites with great content and links can easily garner the top positions of Google. Backlinks can add an extra push to the website, but it is difficult to get the precious links because of the associated challenges and lots of time investment.

Despite that, still it is not rocket science to reach the pinnacle of SEO. By taking help from the companies that are offering the best SEO services in Noida, one can easily push its business to the top of Google search results. We help businesses to rank the top on Google search. And if you are also looking forward to improving your business ranking, then get in touch to know more.

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Top 10 SEO Strategy for E-commerce Website Step By Step 2021

During the pandemic phase, there was a sudden shift in the shopping pattern, and online retail saw a surge in the demand. From physical stores to online stores, online retailers quickly realized the situation and started looking out for ways to harness these customers and turn them into loyal ones.

Ranking top in the list of search engines is a must for any e-commerce website, and there is no question about that. But with less or no knowledge of SEO tips and tricks, you are losing out on the clicks and further on the sales. SEO strategy or SEO approach is the process to plan, outline and implement the designed steps to improve search engine ranking. When you want to get more organic traffic, you follow the SEO strategy. There are many SEO companies that offer e-commerce SEO packages in Noida. These packages not only help in the initial stages but also give long-term services and thus bring quality traffic to the website with improved competitiveness.

In this way, e-commerce website SEO plays a prominent role in garnering top rank. Here, we have put together a list of the top 10 SEO strategies for an e-commerce website for 2021 that ensure the success of your online store.

Make your website a mobile-friendly website: A mobile-friendly website has an edge over a regular desktop website. AMP and PWA techniques help to make mobile-ready websites feature-rich and approachable.

Use relevant and optimized keywords: A keyword must be a long tail keyword that helps drive more organic traffic to the website by working on the search intent of users.

Concise and unique product description: Counted as the most ignored aspect, it affects the e-commerce SEO. With so many similar products, it becomes quite challenging to write unique product descriptions. This leads to duplicity issues which further affects your site ranking by decreasing the traffic. So it is very important to write a proper description to pave your way to top ranking in search engines.

Focus on your site loading speed: The speed of the website and its loading time are the critical factors in determining the success or failure of online business. The poor performance of the website shifts the loyalty of the customer towards the website with good loading speed. High-sized images are the major culprit in slowing down the website speed. So it is always advisable to go for the optimized images to get a good loading speed.

Focus on flawless website navigation: Website navigation helps in enhancing the user’s experience to a great extent. It enables the customer to easily find their products and discover anything new on your website with no hassle.

Create high-quality backlinks: For an e-commerce website, backlinks are very crucial to generate website traffic. It is termed as an honest and commendable SEO practice for a website. Guest blogging is the most preferred way to getting high-quality backlinks. While giving more authority to your website, it also helps in boosting the rank on search engines.

Focus on using video-marketing: Video marketing is termed as a good SEO strategy in an e-commerce website. Videos convey your message in less time and are more helpful for users to absorb the message.

Focus on SERP to display customer reviews: The major focus of every e-commerce website is to get positive reviews from customers in a larger number. When the website offers more transparency, there are increased chances of getting positive customer reviews. So with an e-commerce SEO Company, you must focus on building a plan for your users to leave positive reviews behind.

Use On-page SEO techniques: On-page SEO is termed as a major factor in website ranking and concerns mainly with the process of product optimization and category pages.

Put a focus on CRO (Conversion rate optimization): The higher CRO shows the higher chances of your website to perform great. Well-structured, clean design and an effectively formatted website help to build the trust of search engines like Google to believe in your site.

Despite staying in the pandemic, online retailers have seen a phase of outstanding success. They are now convinced that it always pays off to adopt the right SEO strategies.

So, to maintain the continuity of this rewarding trend, they have also realized the importance of engaging with the best search engine optimization company in Noida in time so they don’t miss out on any single chance and optimize their online web store to rule the e-commerce market.

Whatever the reason may be, but the bottom line is always to increase sales. So, to pave the right way for your e-commerce SEO strategies, give us a chance to help you out.

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