Some Common Mistakes to avoid in Mobile App Development

The invention of smartphones has led to the development of numerous mobile apps that have simplified people’s life substantially. This has spiked the mobile app industry pertaining to the huge demand by consumers. There are multitudes of mobile apps being developed and companies are fighting out each other to create apps at a faster pace than others. More often than not, this leads to common unseen mistakes taking place.

There are certain pitfalls to the process of app development that every mobile app development company must look out for:

  • Is your app as per the user requirement?

If you think that creating an interesting product is enough, you’re terribly mistaken. You must know everything about your target audience for whom you are developing it or else, your effort will result either in the product failing in the market, or, a significantly increased budget necessary for product development, promotion, and iteration. A successful mobile app must target the users’ demands and identify its nature at the initial stage of mobile app development.

  • Trying to incorporate a large number of features

You can’t be sure what app features will be in demand in the future. Thus, it is not prudent to include all ideas in the very first version of the app. This only leads to an increase in the development time, overload the interface, and delay the real product launch. A better approach is to have a clear understanding of the app purpose and concept and so you can avoid burdening users with the necessity for complex functions.

  • Ambiguity on device support and OS

Avoiding ambiguity is imperative for developing any successful mobile app. Turning in a vague or superficial proposal might result in the detachment of your prospective client. If you forget to mention a certain thing in your initial app development brief, then it will be your responsibility to fix it should anything come up. Your app development contract must state the version of the device and its OS support and you must set the clear estimate of the app development cost by breaking everything down appropriately considering the version, device, and operating system.

  • Improper Testing

Testing is a very important step in mobile app development and testing your app before releasing is imperative. This approach will offer you more chances to correct as many flaws as possible. As regular testing takes time and effort, due to which some customers skip this stage, but that may ultimately lead to even more serious issues.

In conclusion, all the points mentioned above are the few common mistakes that are usually committed by a mobile application developer. Simply out, these are some of the best tips that help you facilitate your mobile app development process in a professional manner.

In addition, hire the best mobile application developers of the best iOS and android app development company Dextrous Infosolutions to develop a good application at a budget-friendly price.

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Methods to Find a Smart and Strategic Web Design Company for Business Profit

A strategically and smartly designed website draws clients immediately, gets more clicks and close sales in an enhanced form, increasing your profits in an unexpected manner. Professional web design companies get used to a work culture and create an exceptional practice that makes sure the innovation in your web design layout design with the advanced technology and maintenance service to developed an effective website which generates excellent sales results. Before selecting a company for web design solutions, read on the following methods for truncating your selection time and difficulties.

1. Smart web design companies communicate in-person, through mail or over phone
Experienced web design companies tend to communicate appropriately with their clients using diverse modes. These include email, live chat and phone. According to your individual requirements, you can choose the communication preference that fits you the most.

2. Website designing budgets are set around Results
The qualified employees of a web design company prefer to place your budget around your expected results. It mainly connects the idea of flat fees offer with hour-wise billing for main application design and installation procedure rather than forcing you into an open-ended billing procedure.

3. Smart web design companies have flexible billing options
You are likely to be charged 20-25% of the project cost in advance and the remaining amount can be paid through online payments and cheques.

4. A web designing company shares its creative work
With flawlessly maintained portfolios comprising some of its best work samples, web design companies ensure to share its creative work sample with its customers on demand. You can go through them to know the competence of the web design company and the impact of its previous web designed solutions.

5. Strategic web design companies use both stock and scratch images
The qualified website designing companies always use a set of template stock images to accelerate your work. While designing a site for your specific business, they select the related template and personalize it from scratch to cater your designing requirements and bring into freshness and exceptionality in your design.

6. Strategic website designing companies let you handle small updates
Smart and strategic web designing team creates models for websites, comprising digital publishing interfaces that update and ease the procedure for making small and frequent changes. These models function so perfectly that you will be competent to make frequent updates with your in-house designers who are newbies.

7. The smartest web designing company sticks to the latest web standards and browser accessibility
Apart from using a smart source of designing techniques, a web design company basically sticks to the latest web standards for interface design and browser compatibility. It can even ensure SEO-friendly designing to put off your site from getting lost in web world search.

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Top SEO Trends To Be Followed in 2019

Taking a leap into the last quarter of 2018, we look forward to the SEO trends in 2019 that are all set to change and become much smarter. With smartphones gaining so much popularity, mobile searches have already started to influence the trends. There are quite a few reasons to suspect 2019 will lead us in certain new directions and reinforce some of our working principles.

What SEO trends and techniques does 2019 hold for us? It won’t be wrong to say that we might witness changes that were considered hypothetical just a few years before. So, here’s a sneak peek into the very near future of SEO and let’s brace ourselves for it.

Voice Search continues to grow – With more and more devices utilizing voice search, companies and service providers will have to present information in the form of answering questions and solving problems. According to Google every fifth search query on mobile devices is made through voice search. Digital assistants and smart home devices will surely further the use of features like “voice search” in 2019. Here’s a practical tip for search engine optimization company – focus more on longtail keywords when optimizing content as users communicate directly with the search engine in voice-controlled searches.

LSI Keywords are important within content – Google greatly favors delivering quality content and that essentially comes with including the correct words. The days of keyword stuffing are long gone, what prevails is the inclusion of relevant words. Latent Semantic Indexing revolves around the words that concentrates on your vital topics. There are tools to help with this such as LSI graph. While this isn’t the final word in SEO, it’s worth considering when writing quality content. However, it’s not a good idea to stuff LSI keywords into your already existing copy.

Structured data will gain importance – The evolution of the SRPs has lead Google to access more and more data material. It’s now possible for Google to create relevant meta descriptions from the existing content. Plus, it also uses structured data for creating rich snippets. With the available space becoming smaller due to the change in the arrangement of advertisement, it’s best to create eye-catching snippets.

More focus on Video Results – Video is now undeniably the most widely used content across the web. So, search engines can’t overlook it. The fact is that more than 55% of users watch videos online every day. YouTube counts over 1 billion hours of video content usage every day across the globe. It’s beyond comprehension how many billions of hours are spent on Vimeo, Netflix, and other video streaming sources.

Mobile First Index – This is another major change made by Google. Now it will give preference to the mobile first to rank sites. The Google algorithms will use the mobile version of a website to rank pages to consider the structured data and to present snippets from your site to results. It has also been announced that Google has initiated this change and it has also moved a lot of sites to this index which will be monitored by their search staff.

Search Engine Optimization is one field that is heavily dynamic and 2019 will not be any different. And in the coming months, as you prepare to review SEO best practices for 2019, do consider the trends listed above. They are sure going to provide every search engine optimization company an edge in their performance and their industry.

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Choosing the Right E-commerce Development Company for Your Online Store

The expeditiously growing urbanization has given way to online shopping resulting in a boom in the online market. This has led to the emergence of a large number of e-commerce set-ups. Today every brick and mortar retailer, irrespective of their size, is trying to create an online presence with an e-commerce website.

If launching an online store is something that you have on your mind, the primary step you need to take is to get a sturdy e-commerce platform for your website. What all is required to fortify your e-commerce store? First off, reflect on e-commerce web development company, which means to locate the best development team that can give practical and functional outputs. You must ascertain a professional e-commerce development company to assist you to create an excellent e-commerce online store.

But given the fierce competition and a large number of options, finding the right e-commerce technology partner is tough. To make the decision-making process easier for you, here are some tips to pick a decent e-Commerce development company that can help you stay ahead of your competition.

1. Take a good look at their Portfolio – Experience makes one perfect! Before commencing discussions with an E-commerce development company, evaluate their portfolio and take a good look at what they have developed and delivered so far. It helps to choose an E-commerce web development company that has developed websites similar to your need. Don’t just look at the home page screenshots of the websites they feature in their portfolio but go to the websites and navigate through them. Take note of the elements you like and those you don’t.

2. Appropriate e-commerce platform – Before you proceed with the contract, make sure you have ample knowledge about the platform they are going to use for your store. In case you are not an expert in technology, it would be problematic for you to figure out which suits you the best. So ask your development partner to provide you with information about the features of popular platforms and go for the best one that is in line with the purpose of your web store.

3. Communication between Client and Developer – Proper and timely interaction is critical between the client and the development team. Even if the development firm is far from you, make sure they communicate efficiently using tools like Skype, Google Talk, Facebook, or other such communication tools. Remember that many e-commerce development agencies falter where a competent and adequate communication process is concerned leading to misinterpretation of business goals.

4. Timeframes and Deadlines – In Business, time is money! So, deadlines would be another factor important to you while deciding a development partner If you are in haste to go live with your E-commerce portal and need a development company who can deliver one as fast as possible. It’s best to ensure that the hired developers will be able to accomplish the website within specified timeframes and provide you with a complete product by the fixed date.

5. Estimation of development cost – Every Business has a budget allocated for any investment they make into their business. It would be appropriate for you to discuss the cost of your e-commerce development project with the firm and make sure it suits your budget. Before you finalize the deal, discuss the budget with the web development company to save yourself from spending money on hidden development arrangements.

Hopefully, these tips will come in handy when you commence your search for the perfect e-commerce technology partner and help you hire the best one.

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Effective Web Development Tips for a Successful Website

With the expansion of the global marketplace, everybody seems to be in a rush to have an online presence. Everyone wants to have a website that is beautifully designed website that not only attracts visitors but also magnetizes them to stay longer and explore the site for some more time. However, it turns out that this is something surprisingly hard and the Internet is literally overflowing with lousy websites that are not up to the mark where technical and content aspects are concerned.

The key to an optimized, interactive, and functional website is actually quite simple if we understand the underlying rules of good development and follow them. So if you want to have an amazing website then here are a few tips that you might want to check out.

1. Pay attention to the loading time – The common Internet users are highly impatient and won’t stay on a webpage for any longer than 5 seconds if it fails to respond. This explains how important is it to have a fast loading website. A website development company should use tools like Pingdom or Pagespeed Insights that can help gauge the speed of a website and device a strategy to improve it.

2. SEO Savvy – You can’t make a bigger mistake than underestimating the power of an SEO friendly website. Good SEO techniques are vital to attracting visitors to your website and to get your website placed high in search engine rankings. Good and compelling content is a must for a great website and is the best tool for SEO optimization.

3. It has to be mobile friendly – Smartphones and devices have the largest user base when it comes to surfing the Internet. Checking stuff on-the-go is the latest trend and is going to stay so for quite some time. So don’t shy away from developing an engaging website that is mobile friendly and can be accessed by your users whenever they want to.

4. Leverage the power of Social Media – An important part of web development is using the social media for promotion. Social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, are being increasingly used by the internet-users and so it is quite relevant to integrate these social media platforms within your website. Not only will it broaden the reach of your website but will also attract traffic by increasing visibility.

5. Incorporate CMS – The power of the written word is not just limited to your web content. In order to attain a long-term digital marketing momentum, you must keep publishing fresh and readable content that catches the fancy of your audience and successfully engages them. Your clients will surely be thankful to you for including a back-end Content Management system which will help them in posting and editing content on their website according to their requirement.

These tips will not only help you attain the most valuable online renovation of your website but will also help you develop futuristic and functional websites in future. Dextrous is one such responsive website development company that will optimize your website making it more user-friendly and promise better ROI for you.

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Mobile App Development – A Promising Career Option

When the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) and Kantar IMRB said in a report that the number of mobile users in India is expected to reach approximately 500 million by June 2018, it meant that the number of people using mobile phones in India is more than the entire population of some countries.

A large chunk of these users owns a smartphone leading to a surge in data usage and Internet access through mobile. More and more Indians today are making use of their mobile phones to accomplish an array of tasks like shopping for groceries to paying bills; from watching movies to attending tutorials. And this directly implies that the demand for mobile-based applications will increase considerably in the near future. This situation also poses an important question – Is mobile app development the next big career option in India?

The demand of skilled mobile app developers is increasing steadily making it a lucrative career option for the youth and is driving many people to switch careers and take a plunge into mobile app development as a profession. And this trend is not likely to change soon as India is the favored destination for app development across the world. According to a report published by the IAMAI-ICRIER published in 2015, India is going to require 20 million mobile application developers by 2020. 

There is no doubt that India is poised to become the next big destination for mobile app development in the near future. India is the preferred market for International firms for getting their mobile apps as there is no shortage of skilled mobile app development professionals here who are accomplished in handling the various aspects of app development. Another fact that works in favor of Indian developers is that they are considered to be dedicated and hard working professionals who have an important role in putting India on the World map in the field website and app development.

Given the popularity of smartphones and tablets, mobile developers are in high demand making this among the highest paying tech jobs. When it comes to starting your career as a mobile app developer, it’s important to understand that Android and iOS mobile developers need a mix of hard skills and soft skills. As far as technological skills go, it’s imperative for one to be versatile and able to create any sort of app for any sort of device. Good UI/UX design skills are also critical as any good iOS app development company looks for candidates with good User Experience and User Interface skills as well as the standard app developer requirements to make sure that their apps have the best chance of selling.

Being familiar with front end development and a good understanding of modern programming languages like PHP, Java, HTML5 and C#, Adobe Flash Lite, Python and Objective C is also very important.

As evident, the field of mobile app has been steadily growing, both in terms of revenue as well as in terms of jobs that are being created. With the right set of skills and a positive approach, one can become a successful mobile app development professional and give wings to their career.

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Why Your Small Business Will Benefit From A Website?

If you are a small business owner, you must know that around 97% of customers are using the web to search for local products or services. When people are searching for non-essential products or services like a decorative wall piece or a restaurant near them, they inevitably turn to Google to run a quick search.

This scenario clearly indicates how vital it is to have an online presence through a website, social media, and third-party reviews. Today every small or local business must have a website for attracting a loyal audience and growing over time. That being said, nearly 36% of small businesses do not have a website, and not all of these businesses plan to build one in the future.

A good website design company provides you with the tools and the visibility to help you compete and succeed on the web. If you are still contemplating investing in a website in 2019, here are 4 benefits of building a website that might give you that final push.

  1. Establish an online presence – With more consumers preferring to search and buy products online, it is very important to have a website that showcases your products and services. Having a website instantly creates two opportunities:

    -Customers can discover your products online and purchase them instantly
    -Customers can discover your products online and then visit your store to make a purchase

    Many small e-commerce businesses today are flourishing without a brick-and-mortar storefront as they rely on their website to attract visitors and convert them into paying customers.

  2. Build business credibility – Verisign performed a study in 2015 which reported that 84% consumers believe that small businesses with websites are more credible than ones without an online presence. The fact is that the days of newspaper advertising are long gone. If you want your small business to remain relevant and credible, you must invest in a small business website. Another way to look at it is that if all your competitors have websites and your business doesn’t, won’t you look less credible?

  3. Build a foundation for Digital Marketing – Your website is undeniably the foundation of your digital marketing strategy. Whenever your customers want to find information about your business, products/services, and employees, they will refer to your website. Similarly, any journalist or blogger who is interested in your business can link back to your website. It’s an integral part of your marketing campaign.

  4. 24/7 flexibility – A good Business website sells your products & services through online marketing for 24/7 without the need for a marketing team. Your website works for you round the clock and allows access for all customers who require your products & services. So a website offers a better ROI than any other form of advertising.

Given so many benefits, this is an opportune time to consider a custom small business website design created by UI design company Dextrous Info. Our custom website solution includes all the tools your small business needs to establish and maintain an online presence and gain potential customers who are looking for your products or services.

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