Cutting-Edge Web Design Trends For 2018

In the revolutionary era, web design is an area of discussion which is totally shifted in technology than its conventional print forbearers. Besides, we are now 18 years into the new era, so that’s no surprise. The different thing is that the web designers are coping up with the latest trend of web design with increasing technological advancement. Web designers have somehow managed to develop the websites that are innovative, unique, user-friendly and reliable with the corporate style.

As we have seen many advancement in 2017 comprising the mobile usage which is finally overhauling desktop browsing. This point will surely take a positive response in 2018 by fully utilizing mobile functionality in diverse ways. Desktop browsing will slowly fade away but not totally as usage of the desktop is the centralized system in the corporate sector. By keeping all aspects of web design services in mind, let’s have a dive at some of the prominent web design trends coming on the edge to take over in 2018.

Drop Shadows & Depth

As we know, the utilization of shadow in web design services is not new on the checklist, so why mentioning here? As the progress of web browsers, some new and exciting variations are seen these days. In addition to parallax layout and grids, designers are keenly having hand on drop shadow and depth to develop the visualization of a world beyond the screen.

Color Schemes

In 2018, it is surely the year for super usage of color online. Moreover, in the past time, many designers and brands were wedged with subtle and web-safe colors. More designers are becoming gutsy towards color comprising vibrant shades and excessive saturation blend with headers that are not just horizontal but reimagined with hard angles and slashes.

Particle Backgrounds

Particle background is the best way to solve the loading and performance issues that occur on the website. These frivolous javascript animations permit movements to be developed as a natural part of the backdrop of the website, all without taking too long time to load.

Mobile First

As discussed before, mobile browsing is taking its own place by officially surpassing desktop. Now, everyone around is fond of using mobile for shopping and browsing purposes. In the past, it was totally a clunky procedure as users were not so friendly to adopt.

Custom illustrations

Adding an illustration can be great for creating images that are friendly, playful and add a component of fun to a website. Experienced designers add illustrations that are full of playful and customized to a brands personality.

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