Digital Marketing Trends to look out for in 2018

2018 is here and if you are wondering why Digital Marketing is getting you the desired results, it might be because your business is still practicing old techniques of Digital marketing. Digital marketing is one field which still holds a lot of unexplored potential.

Marketing dynamics are changing every day and there are some very significant changes we may call trends. Trends in SEO services change every year and are the very reasons why we evolve, grow and flourish. Here we take a look at some of the upcoming trends for the year 2018.

Mobile focused Digital Marketing – Majority of Internet users are perpetually on their mobile phones. The figures of mobile internet users are so significant that Google announced the mobile first index resulting in the ranking of websites on the merit of their mobile versions. Mobiles are sure going to be a top priority for every digital marketing enthusiast. It is imperative to put a sound mobile strategy in place facilitating engagement with your prospects and customers. You also need to work on Social Media Optimization Services for the best results.

Chatbots – The future of Digital Marketing will see Chatbots dominating the space. They can be defined as a tool on the other side of a computer that has an answer to your customer’s questions or comments. These Bots are being instrumental in helping companies provide superior customer service. An increasing number of brands are keen on developing customized bots by using Facebook Messenger and Slack to enhance their service standards. The trend has already started to dominate the industry as nearly 27% of people couldn’t figure out whether it was a person or a Chatbot they spoke to in their last customer service interaction.

Influencer Marketing – Influencer Marketing will attract huge investments as it is the one strategy that has gained major impetus over the past few years. Though it is common notion that social media influencer marketing is expensive, it is important to note that it promises 11 times more Return on Investment (ROI) than traditional digital marketing.

Encryption – The biggest challenge faced by the modern day digital marketers is that most people are apprehensive about sharing their personal information online. Consumers will prioritize companies and products that put their information security first. Better security and encrypted system will surely be a dominating trend in 2018.

Videos – Many surveys have proved that consumers today prefer video over text. More and more people today want to watch quality videos and it is estimated that by 2021, the live streaming revenue will reach $70.05 billion. As a digital marketer, it is critical for you to know that a video on the landing page can help increase conversions by nearly 80%.

2018 is the time to embrace new technologies, strategies and tools to increase the reach of your business and bring in better ROI. All the digital marketing experts need to keep an eye on the latest features of the key Digital Marketing Platforms and come up with innovative SEO practices and campaigns for their audience.

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