How Mobile Applications are helping Top Industries Get an Edge

A significant number of industries are resorting to mobile app development services to consolidate their position in the market, reinforce brand awareness, and add more to the bottom line.

This recent surge in the retail mobile apps is mainly rooted in greater business with high profits and also the low investment in mobile apps. These factors are not only helping them trade better, but also to deliver winning results and drive revenue. The fiercely competitive market has led the businesses to get dedicated business apps which aid in the overall promotion of the services they offer and increase consumer visibility at a global level.

As the industries become increasingly inclined towards the blessings of the mobile apps, here we will see how five of the most viable industries are reaping this advantage to their own benefit.

(1) Healthcare

As more and more people are putting health at the top of their priority list, healthcare industry is progressing by leaps and bounds. The adoption of mobile apps offers tremendous possibilities in the healthcare industry to make the services faster and affordable than ever.

Thanks to the apps, hospital and pharmaceutical outlets’ inventory management is like a breeze. Providing a multi-channel access to the patient’s data, e-prescriptions, telemedicine services, management of health records becomes easier with digitization has never been so straightforward and uncomplicated. All this has also taken the patient safety and engagement to a new level with improved access to care and reduced frauds related to medical insurance.

(2) Travel and tourism

Using maps, compasses, guidebooks and all that bizarre printed stuff is passé.  The mobile applications have emerged as a total game changer as nearly 85% of travelers now leverage mobile apps to plan their travel itinerary. Thanks to them, the travelers don’t have to dig deep through the guidebooks or dawdle standing in long queues for booking travel tickets. Whether it is hotel booking, gathering info about the local attractions, destination details, or searching for good food joints, a mobile app is always happy to help.

Moreover, the apps are a powerful force for the travel agencies to attract customers, offering them great deals and launch the marketing campaigns to enhance their market visibility.

(3) Banking and finance

The highly sophisticated banking and finance sector has also not been able to evade the force of the mobile apps making them a dominant interface of the banking and finance industry. Adapting to the mobile-first strategy has offered substantial assistance to improve customer engagement and customer acquisition. A research says that approximately 2 billion people will be using mobile banking by 2019. The banking and finance sector has taken a futuristic avatar where more customers are banking on mobile apps to track, trade and spend on financial transactions.

(4) Fashion

Every good Android app development company is developing futuristic Mobile apps that are highly trending in the trendy Fashion World. Distinguished fashion houses and retail outlets are now their clients with convenient access to the fashion apparel, accessories, boutique items and other things through the omnipresent mobile applications. Highly advanced technical innovations are alleviating the need for the customers to move to the fashion outlets or try the outfits as they can now receive all the updates about the new arrivals, browse the inventory offline, view the detailed description of the products anytime, and checkout speedily. With AI advancements, these futuristic mobile apps can also offer shopping assistance to the customers based on their shopping and browsing history.

Moreover, the store management is also a piece of cake as the shop can confirm the stock availability on hand without wasting time in searching the item on the shelves. Also, the low inventory alert makes the owner aware if the situation prevent the item from running out-of-the-stock.

(5) Media

Can’t ignore the media, can we? Communication and interaction form the lifeline of the media world and mobile apps form an additional layer of interaction for the media to revive the way customers explore the business, read the content and gain the information. The mobile apps also prove to be an advantage to the customers who are not interested in reading the marketing collateral as they can now listen to what businesses are offering through engaging audio, video or multimedia content. Additionally, it becomes very easy to know the customer’s response to the business advertisements and manage it further as compared to the traditional print and media advertising.


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