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Directory submission is still an excellent strategy to build up back links. The Dextrous team is well versed in directory submission to search engines friendly web directories for quality blog directory submission, RSS feed submission, niche or regional directory submission services of many countries. These submissions will help your business to get into the top rankings in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

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What are Web Directories?

Before search engines, internet users used to search relevant information on web directories. Directories provide categorized information with the best relevancy. But today we have great search engines like Google to search everything in a fast and quick manner.

What is Directory Submission in SEO?

Directory submission is a method to submit blog or website into web directories. It involves steps of adding website URL with site details into the most appropriate category.

What is the Use of Directory Submission in SEO?

Directory submission is used to increase website indexing by gaining backlinks from top web directories. Quality backlinks improve our keyword ranking in search engines and help us to increase our blog traffic and page rank.

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Some Good Reasons Why You Should Select Our Directory Submission Services

  • Time and cost-effective SEO technique.
  • Increases traffic to your website
  • You can improve your website’s online visibility in the most search engine friendly way.
  • We submit your website only to high Domain Authority directories.
  • All the directories are carefully screened and only web directories that enjoy good reputation are included in our packages.
  • You get the maximum number of links per package as we follow all the submission guidelines to the last detail.
  • Your website’s ranking will be boosted in Google and the other search engines.
  • Your online visibility will be enhanced, as we will create search engine friendly titles and descriptions for your submissions.

Different types of Directory Submission used in SEO

  • Free Directory Submission
  • Regular Reciprocal Directory Submission
  • Paid Directory Submission
  • Automatic Directory Submission
  • Manual Directory Submission
  • No Follow Directory Submission
  • Do follow Directory Submission
  • Niche Directory Submission

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  • What is directory submission?
    Directory submission is the process of submitting a website's URL and relevant details to online directories or web directories. These directories categorize websites based on their niche or industry, providing users with a categorized list of websites to explore.
  • Why should I consider directory submission for my website?
    Directory submission offers several benefits for your website. It can improve your website's visibility and online presence by getting it listed in relevant directories. It also helps in generating backlinks, which can enhance your website's search engine rankings. Additionally, directory submissions can drive targeted traffic to your website, potentially increasing your customer base.
  • How does directory submission work?
    Directory submission involves selecting a suitable directory based on your website's niche or industry. You then provide the directory with your website's URL, along with other relevant details such as title, description, and keywords. The directory administrator reviews your submission and, if approved, includes your website in the directory's listing.
  • Are all directories the same?
    No, not all directories are the same. There are different types of directories, including general directories, niche-specific directories, local directories, and industry-specific directories. Each type caters to a different audience and serves a specific purpose. It's important to select directories that are relevant to your website's niche for better results.
  • What are the benefits of getting listed in directories?
    Getting listed in directories offers several benefits. It can increase your website's visibility by making it accessible to users browsing the directory. Directories can also provide valuable backlinks, which can boost your website's search engine rankings. Additionally, some directories have a significant user base, which can drive targeted traffic to your website.
  • Is directory submission still relevant in SEO?
    While the significance of directory submission in SEO has diminished over the years, it still holds some value. Directory submissions can help in building backlinks and improving your website's online presence. However, it's important to focus on quality directories that have genuine traffic and authority.
  • Are there any drawbacks to directory submission?
    One potential drawback of directory submission is the risk of getting listed in low-quality directories or directories with spammy content. This can negatively impact your website's reputation and SEO efforts. It's crucial to select reputable directories and avoid mass submissions to irrelevant or low-quality directories.
  • How can I find relevant directories for my website?
    To find relevant directories for your website, you can conduct online research using search engines. Look for directories that cater to your industry or niche. You can also explore competitor websites to identify directories they are listed in. Additionally, there are directory submission tools and services available that can help streamline the process.
  • Should I submit to free or paid directories?
    Both free and paid directories can be considered for submission, depending on your budget and objectives. Free directories offer the advantage of no cost, but they may have limitations in terms of visibility and traffic. Paid directories often provide more exposure and higher-quality backlinks, but they come with a cost. Consider your specific goals and evaluate the benefits before deciding which option to choose.
  • How often should I submit my website to directories?
    Submitting your website to directories is not a one-time task. It's recommended to periodically review your directory submissions and update them as needed. Additionally, as you create new content or launch new pages on your website, you can consider submitting those to relevant directories to ensure they are indexed and visible to potential users.