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Blogging has emerged as an essential business tool, allowing your brand to dominate within your industry. If you are consistently creating content that is helpful for your target customer, it will help establish you as an industry leader.

At Dextrous, we aim to create blogs to that increase your brand visibility and ability to communicate with existing and potential customers.

Why is it important to create a blog for your business

Small businesses that blog generate 126% more leads than those who don’t.

Here are the top 5 reasons why having a blog can really boost your business:

Blog Helps Establish Yourself as The Industry Expert –

Your blog is essentially a place to showcase your knowledge and expertise in your industry. Your customers can only trust your products / services if they believe that you’re the industry experts who understand their needs and wants.

Promotion & Communication Platform –

It’s the ideal place to keep your audience up-to-date with the latest offers or information regarding your company. Blog has been proven to be very effective in communicating promotional message as readers can easily share them with a click of a button.

A Powerful Tool to Boost Your SEO -

Google display results by choosing the best match to a query. If you have a blog with quality content and keywords-rich articles, then that will help you get Google’s attention and rank your website higher in its search results.

Give Your Business An Authentic Voice –

Blogging is perhaps the most effective means that I have discovered to find and develop your businesses authentic voice.

Attain a Higher Rank In Google –

Google changes its algorithms constantly, and blogging is a great way to keep up with these and rank higher in your industry with relevant content.

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Why Choose Dextrous?

Dextrous has profound expertise in the development, creation and management of corporate blogs for companies of various sizes and segments. We have a highly experienced team ready to perform all the services related to creating blogs for your company, such as

  • Installation of blog software and hosting. We recommend WordPress.
  • Keyword analysis and development for SEO purposes
  • Content Writing Services to engage readers
  • Custom blog design that is consistent with your branding and website.
  • Blog management- representing news relating a particular brand
  • Blog management- representing news relating a particular brand
  • Use proper categories and tags for SEO purposes
  • Post and Share blog posts within your social media accounts

Our Methodology for Managing Blogs

Develop a Plan: With your target market in mind, we prepare a guide for giving your readers data they need – so we can be more focused on your blog.

Create Content: To create exclusive content, we classify post topics and assign them to writers, as well as request and review pitches from contributors.

Edit and Optimize: We specialize in editing posts to boost value for the reader. We also keep an eye on SEO best practices to assist your blog achieve a high rank.

Publish and Promote: We deal with the editorial calendar, to whip up a healthy blend of content. That includes informative posts we tactically push live on specific dates frequently.

Track What Works: Monthly systematic reports allow us to track what is working and imitate that achievement. We use this information to help our customers achieve their goals.

It is time to deliver quality content to your Customers

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  • What is a blog?
    A blog is an online platform where individuals or businesses can publish articles or posts on various topics of interest. It allows for regular content creation and sharing, often in a chronological format, to engage with readers and provide valuable information, insights, or entertainment.
  • Why should I create a blog?
    There are several benefits to creating a blog. It can help you establish yourself or your brand as an authority in a particular niche, attract and engage with a target audience, drive website traffic, improve search engine rankings, foster customer relationships, and even generate revenue through advertising or sponsored content.
  • How do I start a blog?
    Starting a blog involves a few key steps. First, choose a blogging platform or content management system (CMS) such as WordPress, Blogger, or Squarespace. Then, select a domain name and a hosting provider. Customize the design and layout of your blog, and start creating and publishing content.
  • What should I write about on my blog?
    The content of your blog will depend on your niche or area of expertise, as well as the interests and needs of your target audience. You can write educational articles, share personal experiences, provide tips and advice, conduct interviews, review products or services, or share industry news and trends. The possibilities are endless.
  • How often should I publish new blog posts?
    The frequency of publishing new blog posts depends on your availability and the resources you have. It's important to maintain consistency to keep your readers engaged. Some bloggers publish new posts daily, while others choose a weekly or monthly schedule. Find a frequency that works for you and your audience.
  • How can I attract readers to my blog?
    There are several strategies to attract readers to your blog. Optimize your content for search engines by incorporating relevant keywords. Promote your blog through social media platforms and engage with your target audience. Guest posting on other blogs or collaborating with influencers can also help expand your reach.
  • Can I monetize my blog?
    Yes, you can monetize your blog in various ways. Popular monetization methods include displaying advertisements, participating in affiliate marketing programs, offering sponsored content or reviews, selling digital or physical products, or providing premium content through a subscription model.
  • How can I engage with my blog readers?
    Engaging with your blog readers is essential for building a loyal and interactive community. Encourage comments and respond to them promptly. Ask questions to encourage discussion. Conduct surveys or polls to gather feedback. Offer a subscription option or newsletter to stay connected with your readers.
  • Should I use images or multimedia in my blog posts?
    Using images, videos, or other multimedia elements can enhance the visual appeal and engagement of your blog posts. Relevant and high-quality visuals can help break up text, illustrate concepts, and make your content more shareable on social media platforms. Be mindful of copyright and use proper attribution when using media from other sources.
  • How can I measure the success of my blog?
    To measure the success of your blog, you can track various metrics such as website traffic, page views, average time on page, bounce rate, social media shares, comments, and conversions. Use analytics tools like Google Analytics to gather data and gain insights into the performance of your blog and the preferences of your audience.