Your website is, without doubt, the face of your business. Not only does it establish your business identity but also exhibits every bit of vital information. It’s not a big deal to have an exquisite website but having one that runs smoothly and offers flawless user-experience needs comprehensive quality analysis and testing in each and every aspect.

Testing Across Devices

From web to mobile and beyond, Dextrous has you covered

How we can help you

Our team of experts is equipped to provide a range of testing services on web application and websites. With our 14+ years of expertise in web application development and services, we provide matchless quality analysis and web testing services. Our web testing services include –

  • Functional Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • UI/Beauty Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Multi-Language Support Testing
  • Cross Browser Testing

We are an eminent IT solutions and service company endeavoring to offer diverse services in website testing and web application testing.

  • Load Testing
  • Stress Testing
  • W3C Compliance Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Exploratory Testing
  • Smoke Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing

Glitch free websites and apps attract lot of customers but need rigorous testing

Why testing
websites is important?

There are many reasons to test your website, and it’s common to overlook some of them in the rush to launch a new site or give it a refresh. Here are a few top reasons why testing your website is vital –

To check your website displays properly in each major web browser and mobile device

Keeping up to date on the latest major web browsers and versions is important, as new browsers are released regularly. Having an idea of how your website displays on each major mobile device will determine whether there is more work to do in order to make your site accessible on a mobile.

To check that your website complies with web standards

Websites that pass HTML and CSS validation are generally displayed more consistently across different web and mobile browsers. This means less browser related problems and less frustration for your users.

To test and monitor your website’s performance

We know that users do not like slow websites. We also know that Google isn’t keen on slow websites. Therefore, it makes sense to invest a bit of time and effort to check your website’s performance.

To ensure your website is secure

There are many unscrupulous individuals out there who like nothing more than exploiting your website by trying different ways to hack into it. It is, therefore, worth a regular vulnerability scan to make sure you are not leaving yourself open to any such unsavory behavior.

To check that your website is accessible

It’s important to ensure that your website is easily accessible. There are many tools to help with accessibility testing but you should also try using your website without a mouse, or with a screen reader or text browser to see if you can still carry out the actions that you expect.

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So, what do our clients say?

Success With Our New Online Store Is Due To The Great Team At Dextrous Infosolutions Who Fully Understanding Our Requirements And Working With Us Every Step Of The Way To Create A Truly Amazing Website.

Xow Books Ranade

Dextrous created a beautiful, interactive and engaging website. We get compliments daily on how wonderful the website is.

Window Wings Birendra Singh

Dextrous Infosolutions were wonderful to deal with. They made creating a website to suit our business needs very easy. Being a non IT person, I really appreciated their patience and how they explained everything so that I could understand it all.

Manoj Publicaions Sawan Gupta

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