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A Mobile App is software developed to run especially on wireless devices such as mobiles and tablets. Over the years they have designed from recommending to the customers the type of content to use to allow the customers to decide the content. Mobile App usage has seen a steady growth as people have started using […]

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For diverse entrepreneurs new to the ambit of digital marketing, sometimes, there is often a common misconception that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media are different entities, each performing in their own world with the distinctive objective. SEO and social media affect each other in so many ways and work together to build value […]

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The first impression of your website goes a long way in deciding the growth and success of your business. After all, first impression is the last impression. The continuous growth of technology and increasing trend of businesses going online has made the website your most important asset to create a long lasting impression on the […]

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In the revolutionary era, web design is an area of discussion which is totally shifted in technology than its conventional print forbearers. Besides, we are now 18 years into the new era, so that’s no surprise. The different thing is that the web designers are coping up with the latest trend of web design with […]

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2018 is here and if you are wondering why Digital Marketing is getting you the desired results, it might be because your business is still practicing old techniques of Digital marketing. Digital marketing is one field which still holds a lot of unexplored potential. Marketing dynamics are changing every day and there are some very […]

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