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Dextrous Infosolutions is a leading provider of e-book solutions for businesses and publishers of all sizes. Our team of experts specializes in creating stunning digital publications that are optimized for web and mobile devices.

We offer a range of e-book solutions that can help you create engaging and interactive digital publications, including:



Our flipbooks are designed to provide readers with a realistic, page-turning experience that mimics the look and feel of a traditional book. Our flipbooks are fully customizable and can include a range of interactive features, such as links, videos, and animations.

Custom Design:

We can help you create e-books that are tailored to your brand and audience. Our team of designers can work with you to create custom layouts, graphics, and typography that reflect your brand's identity and values.

Conversion Services

We can help you convert your existing print materials into digital publications that are optimized for web and mobile devices. Our conversion services ensure that your e-books are easy to read, navigate, and share, regardless of the device or platform.

Analytics and Tracking: Our e-book solutions include advanced analytics and tracking features that allow you to monitor reader engagement, track performance, and optimize your content for maximum impact.

At Dextrous Infosolutions, we are committed to delivering innovative, reliable, and cost-effective e-book solutions that can help you reach your target audience and achieve your business goals. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you create stunning digital publications that captivate and engage your readers.

Features in E-books

Here are some common features of flipbooks that can help you
enhance the reading experience for your audience:

Page flip animation

The page flip animation is the signature feature of flipbooks. It provides a realistic, book-like reading experience that mimics the physical act of turning pages.

Custom branding

Flipbooks can be customized to match your brand's colors, logos, and typography, helping you create a cohesive look and feel across all your digital publications.

Multimedia integration

Flipbooks can include multimedia elements like videos, audio files, and image galleries, enhancing the reading experience and making it more engaging.


You can add interactive elements to your flipbooks, such as clickable links, pop-up windows, and forms, allowing readers to engage with your content in a more meaningful way.

Responsive design

Flipbooks are designed to be responsive, meaning they adapt to the screen size and orientation of the device being used to view them, ensuring a consistent and optimized reading experience across all platforms.

Search and indexing

Flipbooks can include a search function and indexing, making it easier for readers to find specific content within the publication.


Analytics and tracking

Flipbooks can be equipped with analytics and tracking tools, enabling you to measure reader engagement, track performance, and optimize your content for maximum impact.

These are just some of the features that can be included in flipbooks to make them more engaging and effective. As a provider of e-book solutions, Dextrous can help businesses and publishers to create custom flipbooks that meet the specific needs and goals.

We ensure that you get the best value for your money