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Are you building a new iOS app and need help?  Are you still looking for an expert who can turn your dream into reality? Is the fee for developing an iOS App bugging you and going out of your budget?   Then we are here for you, iOS application development is a very challenging task to do and it requires a lot of precision. What is iOS app development? It is the procedure to make mobile applications for Apple hardware like for iPhone, iPad, and iPod. The software is usually written in the objective-c language and then placed in the Apple store for users to install.

So, are you ready for iOS app development? Dextrous offers a hands-on tutorial for building an iOS application especially to beginners with performance monitoring, let’s begin with the tutorial.

Meet the requirements of the developer

Before you start writing your code, you need three things that are extremely important in the app development process they have mentioned below

  • An Apple Mac computer which has the latest version of Mac OS
  • XCode
  • Active Apple developer account

All these three requirements play a very crucial role in application development as all of them work as an alliance.

Select an iOS programming language

There are 2 basic programming languages that are used in iOS application development which are mentioned below

  • Objective-C – This programming language is derived from the C language which was developed in the 1980s.
  • Swift – This programming language is termed the new official language for iOS application development. It is preferred over objective-c as it is more precise, secure, and faster.

Tap into APIs and libraries

The use of APIs and library kits can flawlessly integrate your app into Apple’s existing infrastructure.

Expand into the cloud

Connecting your iOS application with cloud-based services through APIs will allow you to use it for storage, database management, and app caching. 

Publish your app to the App Store

Once you are done with testing and development, you will need to place your application in the App Store. Patience is the key in the procedure as a review can take some time.

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