Backlinks are the backbone of search engines. How?

With Google, backlinks play a pivotal role in the SEO and ranking of the website. It is difficult to get the backlinks but websites with strong backlinks enjoy a great level of Google trust which leads to higher rankings.

What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are linking a webpage to any other page. It is one of the vital factors in website ranking and popularity. The huge number of backlinks means a huge no. of the website’s relevance in a search query. Link-building is a core SEO strategy for all online businesses and to carry on with the required needs, SEO Company in Noida is working on these building blocks to make a well-optimized website for the businesses.

Why backlinks are important?

So let us dig deeper into that and understand the importance of backlinks for the website’s ranking.

a) Backlinks help to build a website’s reputation with Google

Backlinks are considered a reputation management tool by Google. Google’s algorithm is written to point the searches to the best possible results and not to the website. So backlinks are of utmost importance to give the credit to the popular website.

b) Helps brings Traffic to the Website

Good backlinks help in bringing traffic to the website and considered as reliable and trustworthy by users in offering valuable information.

c) Helps to add Credibility to the Website

Backlinks help in adding credibility and reliability to the website, but it is also important to get it by credible and reliable means as unauthentic sources will not be of any relevance and could lead to face the worst consequences. Hence, implementing the backlinks from reliable and quality sites helps in bringing high-quality traffic to the website.


Backlinks help in the growth and sustainability of a website. Websites with great content and links can easily garner the top positions of Google. Backlinks can add an extra push to the website, but it is difficult to get the precious links because of the associated challenges and lots of time investment.

Despite that, still it is not rocket science to reach the pinnacle of SEO. By taking help from the companies that are offering the best SEO services in Noida, one can easily push its business to the top of Google search results. We help businesses to rank the top on Google search. And if you are also looking forward to improving your business ranking, then get in touch to know more.


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