Building an effective Social Media Strategy in 2019

The year 2018 was a tumultuous year in social media to say the least. Given the longevity of the influence of the social media, 2019 is going to be no exception. This expanding authority has a direct bearing on the sheer multitude of opportunities it presents for marketing and promoting your brand on social media. Studies claim that a sizeable number of young adults are hooked to the social media to communicate with their beloved brands and, distant from a decline, that usage is only bound to rise. All these factors underline the need for an effective social media marketing strategy that will help your brand tackle its goal with a sense of purpose.

We’ve broken down our social media marketing guide into the key steps you need to identify your goals, engage audiences and optimize your results. Read on to explore the essential elements that are required to create compelling and effective social media campaigns.

1. Research your Audience

You can’t create an effective social media campaign without knowing your audience. Making assumptions is a dangerous game for the marketers. An audience persona is what you need to create so that it can examine your audience demographic including every nuance of their behaviour and interests, fears and needs; their goals and the challenges they face. Once you understand their goals and needs, you can better fulfil those needs. An elaborate abundance of demographic data and social media analytics tools, creating an audience persona is no more an uphill task. Engage a good digital marketing and website designing company in India that can offer you these services at highly affordable prices.

2. Set Goals

Your social media strategy will be nothing more than a farce if you can’t figure out what you want out of social media at large. Set clearly defined and attainable goals that will help you scale your social efforts in a way that’s both reasonable and affordable.
The most important goals your social media marketing strategies must try to achieve –
Building brand awareness
Increase ROI
Improve your fanbase

3. Probe what your competitors are doing

In order to be one step ahead in your business niche, you must have a good idea of what your competitors are up to. Analysing your competitors’ strategy will directly apprise your own social media strategy. We are not encouraging you to either copy or steal your competitors’ ideas but find out what’s working for them and how you can adapt your own campaigns accordingly.

4. Team-Building

Every small business owner may not necessarily have the manpower required to cover all the bases of your social media campaign. If that is the case with you as well, it is better to outsource some of the tasks to a professional digital marketing and web development company in Noida.
Also, there is no dearth of tools that assist you by simplifying the process. We have listed a few –
Blog Aggregator Tools – Tools like Feedly can easily compile all your blog feeds in one place and facilitate content sharing with your audience.

Social Media Automation Tools – Hootsuite is a tool that can schedule your posts and optimize them for maximum engagement and also help in analysing the results.
Social Following Tools – A tool like ManageFlitter identifies your target audience and follows them.

5. Choose Your Platforms

As the average social media user maintains approximately 5 accounts on different platforms, you will need to reach them on at least a few of those. To decide on which platforms you want to use, consider your goals and each platform’s ability to reach those goals. The platforms you choose will also have to depend on which platforms your target audience spends the most time on.

6. Create Captivating Content

When you say “Content is King”, it should directly reflect in your social media marketing strategy. It is important to have the right idea of what to publish based on your goal and brand identity and you must be confident in which networks to cover. You must be careful to incorporate the following elements if you want your content to perform at an optimal level –
Visual – Visual content has a 40% more chance of being shared, liked or otherwise engaged with.
Emotional – People appreciate content that they can relate to and connect with.
Useful – Make sure your content offers some kind of value-addition to your audience making them more likely to share and promote it.

7. Don’t compromise on timeliness

Being punctual comes with its own set of benefits, especially when it comes to social media campaigns. Your customers expect prompt responses from your brand and purposeful interactions on a regular basis. Here it is important to understand that all social media channels are fundamentally networks. This means that they are a place to interact and share content. If your brand is ignorant about the core elements of networking, it might result in a major catastrophe. So you are required to put in enough effort to ensure conversations or engagement opportunities aren’t left unattended.

8. Track Analytics

as crucial as it is to understand which strategies are effective and which aren’t, tracking analytics gives you an insight into the various details of your campaigns thus enabling you to modify and improve your strategy. The best way to measure the effectiveness of your campaign utilizes two basic factors – engagement metrics (likes and shares) and website traffic.

Though one cannot shy away from the fact that largely social media is a game of trial and error, a process that is perpetual. There is nothing like arriving to a specific point and just stay there. You have to be on your toes, keep fine-tuning your strategy and making adjustments according to your audience. But remember, the results are much more than rewarding.


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