Top 10 SEO Strategy for E-commerce Website Step By Step 2021

During the pandemic phase, there was a sudden shift in the shopping pattern, and online retail saw a surge in the demand. From physical stores to online stores, online retailers quickly realized the situation and started looking out for ways to harness these customers and turn them into loyal ones.

Ranking top in the list of search engines is a must for any e-commerce website, and there is no question about that. But with less or no knowledge of SEO tips and tricks, you are losing out on the clicks and further on the sales. SEO strategy or SEO approach is the process to plan, outline and implement the designed steps to improve search engine ranking. When you want to get more organic traffic, you follow the SEO strategy. There are many SEO companies that offer e-commerce SEO packages in Noida. These packages not only help in the initial stages but also give long-term services and thus bring quality traffic to the website with improved competitiveness.

In this way, e-commerce website SEO plays a prominent role in garnering top rank. Here, we have put together a list of the top 10 SEO strategies for an e-commerce website for 2021 that ensure the success of your online store.

Make your website a mobile-friendly website: A mobile-friendly website has an edge over a regular desktop website. AMP and PWA techniques help to make mobile-ready websites feature-rich and approachable.

Use relevant and optimized keywords: A keyword must be a long tail keyword that helps drive more organic traffic to the website by working on the search intent of users.

Concise and unique product description: Counted as the most ignored aspect, it affects the e-commerce SEO. With so many similar products, it becomes quite challenging to write unique product descriptions. This leads to duplicity issues which further affects your site ranking by decreasing the traffic. So it is very important to write a proper description to pave your way to top ranking in search engines.

Focus on your site loading speed: The speed of the website and its loading time are the critical factors in determining the success or failure of online business. The poor performance of the website shifts the loyalty of the customer towards the website with good loading speed. High-sized images are the major culprit in slowing down the website speed. So it is always advisable to go for the optimized images to get a good loading speed.

Focus on flawless website navigation: Website navigation helps in enhancing the user’s experience to a great extent. It enables the customer to easily find their products and discover anything new on your website with no hassle.

Create high-quality backlinks: For an e-commerce website, backlinks are very crucial to generate website traffic. It is termed as an honest and commendable SEO practice for a website. Guest blogging is the most preferred way to getting high-quality backlinks. While giving more authority to your website, it also helps in boosting the rank on search engines.

Focus on using video-marketing: Video marketing is termed as a good SEO strategy in an e-commerce website. Videos convey your message in less time and are more helpful for users to absorb the message.

Focus on SERP to display customer reviews: The major focus of every e-commerce website is to get positive reviews from customers in a larger number. When the website offers more transparency, there are increased chances of getting positive customer reviews. So with an e-commerce SEO Company, you must focus on building a plan for your users to leave positive reviews behind.

Use On-page SEO techniques: On-page SEO is termed as a major factor in website ranking and concerns mainly with the process of product optimization and category pages.

Put a focus on CRO (Conversion rate optimization): The higher CRO shows the higher chances of your website to perform great. Well-structured, clean design and an effectively formatted website help to build the trust of search engines like Google to believe in your site.

Despite staying in the pandemic, online retailers have seen a phase of outstanding success. They are now convinced that it always pays off to adopt the right SEO strategies.

So, to maintain the continuity of this rewarding trend, they have also realized the importance of engaging with the best search engine optimization company in Noida in time so they don’t miss out on any single chance and optimize their online web store to rule the e-commerce market.

Whatever the reason may be, but the bottom line is always to increase sales. So, to pave the right way for your e-commerce SEO strategies, give us a chance to help you out.


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