Top SEO Trends To Be Followed in 2019

Taking a leap into the last quarter of 2018, we look forward to the SEO trends in 2019 that are all set to change and become much smarter. With smartphones gaining so much popularity, mobile searches have already started to influence the trends. There are quite a few reasons to suspect 2019 will lead us in certain new directions and reinforce some of our working principles.

What SEO trends and techniques does 2019 hold for us? It won’t be wrong to say that we might witness changes that were considered hypothetical just a few years before. So, here’s a sneak peek into the very near future of SEO and let’s brace ourselves for it.

Voice Search continues to grow – With more and more devices utilizing voice search, companies and service providers will have to present information in the form of answering questions and solving problems. According to Google every fifth search query on mobile devices is made through voice search. Digital assistants and smart home devices will surely further the use of features like “voice search” in 2019. Here’s a practical tip for search engine optimization company – focus more on longtail keywords when optimizing content as users communicate directly with the search engine in voice-controlled searches.

LSI Keywords are important within content – Google greatly favors delivering quality content and that essentially comes with including the correct words. The days of keyword stuffing are long gone, what prevails is the inclusion of relevant words. Latent Semantic Indexing revolves around the words that concentrates on your vital topics. There are tools to help with this such as LSI graph. While this isn’t the final word in SEO, it’s worth considering when writing quality content. However, it’s not a good idea to stuff LSI keywords into your already existing copy.

Structured data will gain importance – The evolution of the SRPs has lead Google to access more and more data material. It’s now possible for Google to create relevant meta descriptions from the existing content. Plus, it also uses structured data for creating rich snippets. With the available space becoming smaller due to the change in the arrangement of advertisement, it’s best to create eye-catching snippets.

More focus on Video Results – Video is now undeniably the most widely used content across the web. So, search engines can’t overlook it. The fact is that more than 55% of users watch videos online every day. YouTube counts over 1 billion hours of video content usage every day across the globe. It’s beyond comprehension how many billions of hours are spent on Vimeo, Netflix, and other video streaming sources.

Mobile First Index – This is another major change made by Google. Now it will give preference to the mobile first to rank sites. The Google algorithms will use the mobile version of a website to rank pages to consider the structured data and to present snippets from your site to results. It has also been announced that Google has initiated this change and it has also moved a lot of sites to this index which will be monitored by their search staff.

Search Engine Optimization is one field that is heavily dynamic and 2019 will not be any different. And in the coming months, as you prepare to review SEO best practices for 2019, do consider the trends listed above. They are sure going to provide every search engine optimization company an edge in their performance and their industry.


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