UI/UX and its Differences

The UX design and the UI design are the two most confusing terms when it comes to application designing and web designing. You will find several UI/UX companies in Noida who will help you to design your web or application. However, although the line between these two is extremely low-key, yet understanding it is extremely important.

UI Design
UI simply refers to User Interface. It is the layout of the application that is represented graphically. This layout consists of buttons that users use, the images they see, the texts that appear to them, and the sliders they get to watch. Etc. In short, UI is everything that a user gets to see when they open an application or a website.

UX Design
On the other hand, UX simply refers to User Experience. The user experience refers to the experience that the user has when they interact with the application or the website. The user experience includes the navigation, how easily a user can search for something that they are looking for, how is their overall experience going, if the experience is smooth or if they having any issues, etc. Thus, to cut down short, User Experience depends on how comfortable a user is with the interface that is created.

Difference Between UI and UX
Although UI and UX are quite similar to each other, there are certain differences that you must look into. These minute differences will help you to understand UI and UX in a better way.
1. User Interface is only applicable to digital products. It does not apply to physical products. On the other hand, User Experience applies to both, physical products as well as digital products.
2. UX focuses on the complete experience of the user, from the beginning to the end. It looks in-depth into how a user feels after using the application or the website. On the contrary, UI focuses on the visual touchpoints where users directly get to interact with the product.

Bottom Line
Although UI/UX designing companies in Noida look into similar things they also make sure not to confuse the two. However, UX is greatly influenced by UI. If the user interface is not good, then the user experience will never be great. Therefore, to give a great user experience an application or a website must have a great user interface.


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