Top 10 Latest Web Design Trends In 2021

As we know that the gone the year 2020 was difficult. Staying and working from home, attending those virtual meetings, sanitizing, and just sanitizing. The feeling of uncertainty and a scare of getting ‘positive’ was looming over us every time. Despite that, we all did our best to pass through this pandemic phase. That uncertain period, somehow, made us learn to live commonly, value simplicity with minimalism.

This simplicity also influenced web design trends to a great extent. Instead of beaming into the hi-tech, fantasy, or sci-fi; blending the digital with realism and ordinary is the new in for 2021. Web designers of website designing companies in Noida are working towards scaling new realistic heights in the digital world. With the infusion of digital into the ordinary, we are working on making these websites a part of our everyday life.

In this way, we have put together a list of the top 10 latest web design trends for 2021, which not only inspires you but also helps you to push the boundaries of the past.

  • Dark mode: Dark mode is gaining popularity as a user preference. As it offers a moody effect, it also helps to affect the overall feel of the message. Have you thought about the content of the website design in dark mode? Just think, as it is a planned blending of dark colors to form the same visual impression as the light mode.
  • Soft colors: With the increasingly digital nature of people, most of their time spends on the computer. Aiming to avoid excessive strain and being gentle on the eyes, web designers are focusing on soft colors to balance between the dark mode and light; and hence inducing calm and relaxation.
  • Asymmetrical layouts: Slowly but steadily, asymmetrical seems more creative and is gaining popularity. It helps to give less constrictive flow and more visual style to the website.
  • Illustrations: As a newly emerging trend, we are moving away from stock and realistic images and are making way for sketch-style illustrations, line art, and graphics. This trend is helping designers breathing new life into ordinary images and making them unique.
  • Modular design: Modular design helps in bringing the perfect balance to the website and gives direct control over it with a series of unique elements, sections, layouts putting together in different ways.
  • Active scrolling: Active scrolling option can add creativity to your website. It gives a 3-D experience to the user, helps them relate to the brand, and enhances their association to your website.
  • Iconography: In simple terms, it is the language of the icon. Icons can be easily recognized, immediately understood, and put a great impact on the mind of the user. Instead of writing the title, icons help users understand our point of view directly.
  • Text-only banners: As it takes a longer time to load the largest element on the website, more and more websites are opting to replace their big header images with oversize text headers. This helps to increase the loading speed of the website and hence improves your SEO.
  • Neumorphism: As a successor to skeuomorphism, this trend is gaining unbelievable momentum as it promises to take us to the paradoxical age of uncluttered realism. It has heightened the user’s connection to the design by turning flat icons into 3D objects.
  • Accessibility: More than just a trend, accessibility of the website is a necessity as it helps to make the website usable for many people and is a sign of excellent customer service.


Staying with the trend and new ideas helps to beautify your website and its overall functionality. Not staying with the trend makes you out of trend in no time. So, always go for the latest trends and keep your audience and their experience at the core of your design.

We are spending more time on the internet, so it is very important to gain online attention. As the web-design trends are ever-grown, it is also important to keep the key principles in mind and get your website or app created by the best mobile app development company in Noida.

So, if you’re looking for this and beyond, we would love to hear from you!


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