Industry That Can Survive Lockdown

This pandemic is claiming more lives and livelihood in recent times than any other event in history. Governments all over the world are trying to help the poor. Businesses are reinventing ways to keep afloat.

Can we survive more time indoors?

As people will be forced to spend more time indoors applications and website-based stores are innovating and improving their services. People have become used to attending meetings on Zoom and fitness classes on their phone apps. Travel and tourism are one of the worst-hit industries. But there are certain sectors which are not only surviving but also creating jobs. We look at some of them

  • Food and beverages: – Delivery of food is reserved as an essential sector. And when all other shops in the malls are closed, supermarkets are allowed to operate. With going out and having meals coming to halt, people are spending more time in the kitchen. Moving beyond the basic dal, roti people are trying their hands in different types of food. Demand for organic ingredients has also increased. With most of the supermarkets allowing customers to order from their apps, this is one industry that needs a good website design company.
  • Banking: – Banking and other Financial Institutions are working round the clock to keep the economy floating. They have introduced new methods to help the customer not only in the urban but also in rural areas. Our Web designing company in Noida is one such company which offers one-stop solution to the growing needs.
  • IT: – Though many Information Technology allowing its employees to work from home for a very long time, the pandemic made it compulsory for all to be a stay at home and work. By providing better network security and faster internet the IT departments of all the organizations are coordinating the operations from home.
  • Online education: – No one would have thought that children could be connected and taught from the home setup. Web designing company in Noida has allowed schools to function smoothly. For more than a year now children have been taught and tested on their skills through online mediums.
  • Entertainment: – After all the work people need to be entertained. Apart from Youtube, Netflix, and Amazon Prime many new OTT platforms have been providing original content. Some region-specific entertainment online streams are also gaining popularity.


With no gadgets equipped with Wi-Fi, to having watches connected to Wi-Fi, changes have been all along. Some industries will change and adapt to the needs of customers and situations. Those companies which can bring in the change will definitely need a good website designing company to take their ideas forward.


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